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Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, also known as "Pay-Per-Click (PPC)", puts your Business's services in front of Local (5+ miles radius) Customers who search for their local needs. Google Ads drives new customers every single day and every single hour. How many customers is your business getting from Google?

2024 Google PPC Proven Skills

Turn Google Searches into Visitors with great Ads, then convert Visitors into Leads (phone calls, online appointments, online chats, etc) and finally Leads into New Quality Customers every single day for your valuable business.

200%-750% Profitable Google-Ads

What We Do

Why Choose Us

eLeads365 is a Marketing Agency based in Miami, Florida, which arranges State of the Art Pay-Per-Click 365 Days marketing services exclusively for South-Florida business owners. We serve a unique online Google-Partnership while marketing services such as Roofs, Impact Windows, Pools, Solars, Cabinets, Fences, and so many others. These services are searched by local customers every single hour near your business.

Be the Google #1 Business in Your Area

81% of people click on a sponsored link (Ads) when looking for their local needs or getting second opinions

We help your business compete, dominate but most important, outrank your local competitors, no matter how big or how long they are in business. Acquire new daily Local (Near-By) Customers for each and every one of your services in a 5-10 mile radius area. Each new patient provided by Google is often worth 10's of thousands of dollars throughout their entire relationship with your business, as well as new family & friends referrals.

Our Top 3 Main Distinctions

- We Are Local -

South Florida, Miami, 305

1st We are Local (Miami)

eLeads365 is based in Miami, FL. Our main Google marketing strategies are focused in Miami, Miami Beach, North Miami, South Miami, Coral Gables, Kendall, Hialeah, Miami Garden, Miami Springs, Aventura, Doral, Brickell, Key Biscayne, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Tamiami, The Crossings, The Hammocks, Homestead and all the Miami-Dade County demographic.

2nd We are Bilingual (Español)

Hablamos, hacemos y configuramos sus anuncios no solo en Inglés sino y bien importante, en Español.

"blanqueamiento de dientes", "extraccion de cordales", "el mejor dentista en mi área"

Sí, esto es un servicio exclusivo que solo eLeads365 ofrece. Al promocionar sus servicios en Español, Google prioriza dicha estricta relevancia (palabras claves) con la naturaleza y el idioma nativo de quienes necesitan y buscan cerca de tu negocio. Su negocio ahora sera encontrado y visitado por muchos más clientes diariamente.

3rd We are Programmers too (Most Important)

At eLeads365 we are not only digital savvy advertisers but mostly Programmers (Developers) who know how to fully and deeply integrate business needs with all the latest 2024 Google Apps available in the market.

Driving Top Quality Leads

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) That Works

New Day? New Local Customers! Unlike many other general marketing agencies, eLeads365 has proven Google Pay-Per-Click results with strictly focused searches, one Lead at a Time!

74% of PPC Ad spend
fails to produce a single conversion (Customer) in 2019

It’s very painful ($) to watch ineffective PPC management waste potential business’s growth. Is your Business under these poor 74% stats?

Our proven solid PPC profitable results mean more Website and Business Google Map Visitors, more online Visitor Chats, more Phone Calls and more Daily Online Appointments. Connect with new cusotmers in need coming to your business every single day.

New Quality Customers Every Single Day

Opened/Bought a New Business?

It's Time To Grow Your Patients Portfolio

Although eLeads365 helps grow already well established business, our Google PPC management skills dramatically help all NEW (opened or bought) businesses.

 Have you Opened or Bought a New Business recently?

 Are you interested and looking to grow your current Business patients portfolio?

 Is your Business located in Miami, West Miami, Flagler, Kendall, Coral Gables, Brickell, Hialeah, Miami-Garden, Homestead, or any other location in South Florida?

We have very Good News for you today!

You do not need to wait for Insurance Agencies to refer new patients.

You do not need to wait for walk-in shopping center visitors to show up at your dental office.

You do not need to wait months for "Word of Mouth".

The wait is over. eLeads365 will drive New Patients who are looking for dentist services Every Single Day no matter where are you physically located, that's the power of the Google partnership.

More Good News!

With our powerful Local PPC Management not only you will see the results instantly (3-5 days) but this also comes with No-Contract-Terms (No-Risk) while getting all those daily top dental leads in the 5-10 miles radius around you!

Switch over to eLeads365 and dominate your nearby dental market while showing and getting Google #1 & #2 search spot positions. We provide top quality dental office marketing on today's top digital PPC platform.

Goodbye Old Unsolicited Marketing Ways

Modernize Your Business Marketing

Optimize Your Monthly Budget & ROI

Stop throwing and wasting money into the old unsolicited marketing ways without getting the results your dentist business needs.

Partner with eLeads365 and optimize your marketing budget getting impressive Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) by putting aside all the low profitable an old marketing ways that are still wrongly used by most of the Businesss.

Stop throwing money and avoid the temptation to copycat what other Businesss are doing. Say Goodbye to the Bulletins, Posters, Bus-Ads, Taxi-Ads, Digital-Ads, Shelters, Benches and so many other unsolicited marketing practices out there, some of them really expensive.

There is no way to compare the power of Google Ads to ANY
of the following local super low effective marketing ways.

The Yellow Pages, The Flyer, El Clarin, Diario las Americas, Miami New Times, Clipper Magazine, Groceries Discount Books, Bus Stop Signs, Bus Stop Bench, Stop-Lights Hand Delivery, Shopping-Center Car Parking Postcards, the USPS Marketing Mail® and so many others. None can compete with Google-Ads!

Do you need real results? Step aside from the crowd and partner with eLeads365. Get new quality patients every single day. Let us modernize your Google Dental Marketing and outrank your local dentist competitors. Start competing on Google-Ads today, the most effective marketing machine on the internet today.

Our Win-Win Pricing

2024 Google PPC

Check below our common PPC Service price range. Since every Business is different, price will vary based on your Google weekly/monthly budget, dental office physical location, nearby local competitors, dental services you do/don't provide, open business days/hours, Website Pay-Per-Click compliance, Google My Business setup, as well as some other variables. A more specific service price will be set once we know and understand your specific Business needs.

Compete and Win Online

Lead Cost Range

$999 - $4,999

per Qualified Customer (upon Industry/Service)

Get in contact with us, and in our very first meeting, we will be able to provide you with a better and fair estimate addressing your Business needs

No Contract + No Risk

Best Google PPC Price Guaranteed

250% - 750% Profitable PPC

It is never too late to jump in and stand out on Google, the best world marketing online experience.

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- Become Online Profitable -

Partner with Us + Partner with Google

Apart from so many other marketing companies who also promote online PPC services, we are are a Local (305) Company, we are Bilingual-Ads (English/Spanish), and most importantly, we are Programmers (Developers). At, we know how to fully integrate Businesss with all the latest 2024 Google Apps available in the market. Partners with Us, partners with Google.

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